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Tarifas de transporte terrestre, urbanas, suburbanas y extraurbanas

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Para ayudarlo a planficar su viaje o estadía en Mérida, le presentamos las tarifas de transporte terrestre validas para el 15 de mayo de 2.019.

Desde Mérida hacia:

  • Barinas: 18.000
  • Guanare: 20.500
  • Acarigua: 23.000
  • Barquisimeto: 27.000
  • Pueblo Llano: 16.000
  • Valera: 19.000
  • San Cristóbal: 16.000
  • San Antonio: 20.000
  • Caracas: 36.000
  • Valencia: 32.000
  • Maracay: 34.000
  • Coro: 36.000
  • Punto Fijo: 37.500
  • Caja Seca: 12.000
  • Boca de Grita: 16.000
  • Maracaibo: 28.000

Sub-Urbanas desde Mérida y viceversa:

  • El Vigía: 5.000
  • Santa Bárbara del Zulia: 10.000
  • Tovar: 5.000
  • Mucuchíes: 7.000
  • Apartaderos: 8.500
  • Lagunillas: 2.300
  • Jají: 2.800
  • San Juan: 2.150
  • Lagunillas: 2.300
  • Canagua: 20.000
  • Mucutuy: 15.000
  • La Azulita: 10.000

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Los Roques, paradise at sea

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We take you to Los Roques!

The archipelago of Los Roques National Park consists of 50 islands and about 292 cayos and banks of great diversity and incredible scenic beauty, located in the Caribbean Sea, almost straight north of Caracas and La Guaira, he has one of the reefs most diverse and best preserved of the Caribbean coral.

Los Roques has the peculiarity of being the only coral atoll in the world whose formation was no volcanic processes.

The only island with a permanent population of 1.7 km² Gran Roque and with about 1500 inhabitants. Other islands and Cayos are important Francisquí, Crasqui, Madresqui, Pirate, Fernando, Noronqui and Two Mosquises.Desde the 1990s, fishing was displaced by tourism as the main economic activity. Currently botuto fishing is prohibited while the lobster these permitted only at one time of the year.

The archipelago is the ideal place for those who love snorkeling. In Gran Roques there are two fully equipped dive center with professional instructors. But those who have no knowledge of diving can also enjoy the beauties of the reef simply by snorking, there are sites easily accessible, as the pool of Fransisky that are very suitable for children as well.

For what they love the most extreme sports, Los Roques is a great destination for kitesurfing. The Trade Winds blow most of the year and is protected by 2 large coral reef, which keeps its fairly calm waters.

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How to get to Mérida?

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Merida is a state of Venezuela located to the west and the Andes, far from Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, 600 km by road or 45 minutes by plane.

Despite the importance of the state and its capital, the city of Merida, the way to reach this part of the country often becomes problematic and many obstacles, especially during holiday seasons, dates on which collapsed most of the services of transport.

The idea of this post is to give you some tips that according to our experience, will help to overcome difficulties and bringing you the state and its capital without inconvenience to enjoy one of the most beautiful and livable cities in Venezuela.

    1. Holidays Seasons: Note that Merida is a tourist town which is why the holiday seasons of Venezuela are usually very complicated for you if you do not take the relevant estimate, these seasons are from the second week of July to the second week of September, last week of December and first week of January, Carnival and Easter.


    1. By air: The capital city has an airport, Alberto Carnevalli (SVMD) but this has no commercial flights due to, among other things, to the refusal of the air traffic operators to enable flights up there. This means that companies enable their flights to the airport Juan Pablo Perez Alfonso in El Vigia (SVVG) the second city in the state just one hour and thirty minutes from the capital. Contact one of the following airlines: CONVIASA, LASER, AVIOR. Arriving in the city of El Vigia must contract transport services to the city of Merida, is very important not to get cheated, see prices and make group travel, is much safer and economical. We can offer this service to learn more click here.


  1. By land Public Transport: Outside holiday season arriving or leaving Merida becomes quite comfortable, especially because the city has one of the best ground terminals Venezuela, comfortable, safe and pleasant, far from seeming chaotic terminals , unsafe and stressful the rest of the country. But if you are traveling on vacation take forecasts, it will have to get up early and stand in line to buy the ticket from Merida to Merida or anywhere in the country, only they sell the ticket at the terminal on the day of departure. If you find it impossible to buy a ticket, then we recommend buying tickets to Barinas (4 hours from Merida, 8 hours from Caracas) where you can take a bus to Merida from the terminal in that city, we assure you that the ride is very nice across the páramo. Transportation lines arriving and departing from the city of Merida are: Expresos Los Llanos, Expresos Flamingo, Expresos Merida, Expresos Coromoto, Cooperative Transport Tachira-Mérida.

Once in Merida we assure that you enjoy and will be a unique experience, we can organize you visits to different tourist centers and the best prices, please contact us.

You have the best map of Merida and at the best price, prepare your trip and take the time to the maximum, order now (free delivery in the city of Mérida)

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